Coding school

Huana School is the first school in Phetchabun Province to have started with a coding school. Next year it will be obligatory in every school, says the Director of Education (standing left in picture). In middle is Sai, who is running the coding program.

Finnish teacher Reetta

Reetta Kaasalainen, a Finnish volunteer teacher, is with us for one month. Reetta is showing how to do active learning - in English.

Our Lovely Housekeeper

In order to make it possible for our Kindergarten teachers to be fully focused on developing children, Oboto (local administration) gave us a full time housekeeper to do do the constant cleaning and serving food to our 84 kindergarten children.
Our team wanted to thank our Housekeeper for an excellent work.

People from the TOP!

Phetchabun Vice Governor asked all the key education officials to visit Zero-to-Hero to see, how we can be helped in building the showcase about 21st century education in Thailand.
People are standing in front of our new kindergarten building and the sign tells that we are the only by Riece cified kindergarten in the Province.ert
Zero-to-Hero is a challenging journey from birth to the age of 18. Going from the Industrial Era (3.0) to the Value.based Era (4.0) requires new skills from everyone. The development process must start from birth, actually already during pregnancy. That is when brains start to develop. The key skills are thinking, planning, problem solving and the skill to use new technology. It is a long, but hopefully happy and joyful journey. In the above picture our excellent Zero-to-Hero Team running the program together with local government teachers..
The big change, starting already from Baby Club, is to implement activating learnig, where the child is all the time in the Center. It is not easy to get "old" teachers to understand, what it means.

Baby Club (0 to 2 years)
Baby Club is meant for babies from 6 month to 2 years. Parents, or mainly grand parents, bring the kids twice aa week to our Hero Center, where we develop babies with the critical skills (Physical Skills, Social Skills, Emotional Skills, Communication Skills, Cognitive or Brain Skills). At the same time we teach the grand parents to do the same developing activities at home. 

Kindergarten (2 to 4 years)
The normal way in Thai Kindergartens is to look after children, not to ambitiously develop them. Our new HighScope concept Makes us a model for all over 400 kindergartens in Phetchabun Province. Children learn to Plan, Do and Review. a

Huana Pre-school (4 to 6 years)
We have implemented the excellent Finnish Moomin English Program for all our Pre-school students. The learning happens in daily 15 minute sessions using tablets. The Program is designed by leading Finnish educators developing also the thinking skills beside the language. Next step will be to introduce the HighScope concept also to Pre-school.

Huana School (6 to 12 years)
Our 0 to 6 program is almost perfect. The huge challenge starts when our Baby Club children comes to School. The Thai governmental education system is rigged. Actually everything is just the opposite of our Finnish way of thinking. The worst is that students sit daily 5 hours in front of television looking at educational program produced by the late King. Teachers' role is mainly to open and close the television at a very high salary. This is maybe the biggest challenge I have met in my entire business life. Still I'm confident that we will find to open the lock.

Obodjo School (12 to 18)
Obodjo School is a surprisingly developed School in Phetchabun with around 800 students. It is a natural part of our Zero-to-Hero Program, as most of Huana School students continue their studies there. In July 2019 we will introduce a Finnish know-how based development program to the owner of the School together with Team Finland.

Every child who do the full Journey from 0 to 18, will have a good future life and be capable of taking care of family. This is the (only) way to create happybess also in the poor Thai countryside. Help us to spread the thinking all over the poor countryside.

Jo and Dan Rubinstein


Our Zero-to-Hero Program in Huana/Phetchabun, Thailand, is based on the Finnish world famous early childhood education concept. Together with Thai experts we are adapting the concept to suit the poor Thai countryside children. Huana is our laboratory. When ready, the model can be applied everywhere in the developing countries.
Development starts from birth. The 3 first month are critical for BRAIN development. The end result should be Healthy Educated Responsible and Open-minded teenagers or as we call them, HEROs, with the skill to THINK and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Finland has ranked nr. 1 in Early Childhood Education

Read more about a study done by The Economist 
Phetchabun Province Governor about Zero-to-Hero

In the below video clip, you first get a picture of what we do. Finally the Phetchabun Province Governor tells, how he sees the Program.
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