Our Zero-to-Hero Program in Huana/Phetchabun, Thailand, is based on the Finnish world famous early childhood education concept. Together with Thai experts we are adapting the concept to suit the poor Thai countryside children. Huana is our laboratory. When ready, the model can be applied everywhere in the developing countries.
Development starts from birth. The 3 first month are critical for BRAIN development. The end result should be Healthy Educated Responsible and Open-minded teenagers or as we call them, HEROs, with the skill to THINK and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

Finland has ranked nr. 1 in Early Childhood Education

Read more about a study done by The Economist 

4.0 -child  (HERO)

We try to develop babies to grow to become HEROs (Healthy, Educated, Responsible and Open-minded), young adults with the skill to solve problems, ready for the 21st Century challenges.

Phetchabun Province Governor about Zero-to-Hero

In the below video clip, you first get a picture of what we do. Finally the Phetchabun Province Governor tells, how he sees the Program.
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