Our Budgeted costs for 2019: 1,0 million baht (27.000 EUR)
   - this year again, every baht is important

Donations 2019:
Kone Centennial Foundation         701.640 baht
Kari Ripatti                                           22.200 baht
Irma Roms                                            22.200 baht
Ann Mari Diedrichsen                       18.500 baht
Timo Saviniemi                                    11.100 baht
Ozzi Järvinen                                         5.000 baht
Lions Marjaniemi                                   3.080 baht
Maj-Lis Ekqvist                                       1.110 baht                                
Giap from Pitsanulok                              500 baht
Penporn from Pitsanulok                       300 baht

TOTAL (by 17.05.2019)                     785.620 baht    (78,6%)
                                                                  21.233 euro
We still need for 2019                            5.767 euro

Donations 2018:
Kone Centennial Foundation                   560.775 baht
Helmut Holmström                                    208.916 baht
Anne Korkiakoski                                       190.000 baht
Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce    33.800 baht
Kari Ripatti                                                     31.604 baht
Jo and Dan                                                      27.830 baht
Lion's Club Marjaniemi                              26.600 baht
Kone Bangkok                                               12.000 baht
Phetchabun Province Governor              10.000 baht 
Visan Kosithano                                           10.000 baht
Mr. X                                                               10.000 baht
Timo Saviniemi                                              7.600 baht
Ploy from Kone Bangkok                            5.000 baht
Liisa Ramstedt                                               3.800 baht
Eva Tuomikoski                                             1.900 baht
Irma Roms                                                      1.900 baht
Maj-Lis Ekqvist                                              950 baht
Merja Vartiainen                                               760 baht                                       

TOTAL:  (by 31.12.2018)                        1.143.435 baht    (114%)!!!

Support us, please!  

We are a non-profit charity organization. We are looking for Partners who are ready to financially support our developing work while we try to find ways how to help the Huana village it hopefully becomes self-sufficient to implement the Zero-to-Hero Program (help to self-help).

 During the first 6 years we have mainly funded the Zero-to-hero Project by ourselves. From beginning of 2017 we have got a conciderable support from three organizations: Kone Cemtennial Foundation, Lions Club Marjaniemi and from members of the Thai-Finnish Chamber of Commerce. We want to thank these three organizations from bottom of our heart and also all the others who have supported us, especially Angela Nobthai from Clifford Chance and also her friends and collegues for not only donating money, but also a lot of toys and other materials for our children, not to mention helping us with legal help to establish the foundation. And this huge job was done Pro Bono The support we get is great, but not yet enough to cover our costs. We hope to find some more organizations who could support us with a yearly donation at least for the coming 3 years. We will be actively writing on our Blog to keep all you investors knoledgeable of our progres.

Our Bank Account:

Zero-to-Hero Foundation          
Bangkok Bank                                                         
102 Khu Muang Rd. Muang                                 
District Phetchabun 67000                                        
Saving Deposit Account 366-4-15568-0                
BIC-code (Swift): BKKBTHBK


Dan Rubinstein
All donations to this account will be sent to Thailand
Thank you
Jo & Dan
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