We have already for some time been practising the HighScope way of teaching. The concept is based on the PLAN-DO-REWIEW approach. In rewiew we teach the children to ask questions to better understand the implementation of the plan.
Today the Monk was once again visiting our 2 to 4 year old Kindergarteners. The Monk was amazed to experience the children asking him questions. "Never happened before", he said.
Our toddlers learn to think, and that's BREAKING NEWS in a surrounding, where thinking has traditionally been "forbidden". 

Final Design of our new HighScope Center 11.2

HighScope Kindergarten will be done in one big room. Our 60 children aged 2 to 4 are divided in three groups. Each group have 2 teachers and 5 corners; one for Home (kitchen), one for Blocks, one for Arts, one for Books and for Science. We have a big list of thingss we must buy to secure effective teaching. Out of the needed items we only have 13%. Shocking!
Now starts the big "fight" to get the Local Administration to pay at least a part of the investments, as the Kindergarten officially is under them. But so far so good.

Jo speaks to Health Professionals in Phetchabun 6.2

We were invited to tell how we see that Zero-to-Hero Program has effected children's health and what kind of support we hope for in future. Among many clear improvements the biggest has been that the amount of so called LD -children have dropped during our Program from over 30% to under 15%. Our target is to come under 3% within the next five years.
Most of the participants wanted to come and visit us in order to learn more. They said;"Finally someone who's doing and not just talking."

The BIG next step?

We have been invited to bring the Finnish education system to one of the leading Secondary Schols in Phetchabun Province. Jo and John are negotiating about how to get started with the huge challenge.

Phetchabun University 13.1.2019

Phetchabun University is among other things educating yearly over 300 new kindergarten teachers. Here Jo, John and me are negotiating with the President and Vice-President to sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the University and Zero-to-Hero Foundation. The plan is to implement our 0 to 6 -Program to University. This would be the most effective way to spread our unique model to a lot of kindergartens in Thailand. The University would also be involved in measuring how "our" children are developing in comparison to a control group.

And all of a sudden we were already 10...

On the below video Ja-oh is teaching the Baby Club children about colors and about the skill to wait for one's turn.
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