Kone Centennial Foundation to save lives

Our village is in lockdown hopefully ending 26.7.2021. Due to Covid, people are not allowed to leave the village, where there is no foodshops. The situation is catastrophic, as there is no money to help people.
Kone Centennial Foundation (KCF) decided to help the around 250 families under lockdown by donating 60.000 Baht to the Temple, who can feed all the families for at least one week.
On behalf of Huana village people, we want to thank KCF from all our heart for helping and saving lives of our village people.
In picture, Jo's sister Joy gives 60.000 Baht to the Monk.


Volunteers helping the Monk to pack foor for 225+ families


Delivery started 17.00, people were standing in queue an hour in advance.

Sweet old lady

She told the Monk "God bless Kone".

4 packages to each

The four packages included rice, eggs, noodle and oil.

Meeting Ambassador Jyri Järviaho (6.5)

the 6th of May we had the honor of meeting the new Finnish Ambassador in Thailand, Jyri Järviaho and his staff. We introduced our ambitious Zero-to-Hero Program. He promised his support to us..

The Big Farm in Phetchabun donates to Z2H (9.4)

One of the leading businesses in Phetchabun Province, the Big Farm, donates 20.000 THB to our Foundation to be used for Huana School. It is meant to buy sand, books and material for Active Learning.

A Government "Control" Visit (18.3)

We had a Government control visit in Huana School. Normally these visits are scary. In our casee it was just the opposite as everything we do is exactly what the Goverment wishes that every school would do.

Team Zero-to-Hero

Our Z2H Team strengthened with a Government teacher Ku Ann. Ku Ann is responsible for running the Preschool in Huana.
In front from left: Ja-oh and Om-am. In middle Tuk and Mam. Behind Jin and Ann.

Bringing Active Learning Areas to P1 students (1.3)

The Zero-to-Hero Program takes a big step when starting to bring the Active Learning to the Huana Primary School. It is based on using four activating areas; Math-area, Science-area, Thai language-area and Art-area following the Thai National Curriculum. this action improved immediately the dynamics in the classroom.
From May 2021 we intend to introduce the Activating Area -thinking to P2.

Ku Khai, a new teacher (15.2)

Huana School has grown strongly lately resulting in the School getting four new teachers. One of them is Ku Khai, who is very good in activating students. He will be responsible for implementing Active Learning in P2 starting from May 2021 together with our Ja-oh.

Teaching in Corona times

Our teachers for the 0 to 6 years old children in a creative meeting.

Kone Centennial Foundation donate (4.2)

Our main donator, the Finnish Kone, supported us again with a major contribution. Thank's to Kone we have been able to finance our Huana Pilot Project. They also provide us with their valuable experiences from similar charity projects around the world.
Thank You, Kone Centennial Foundation.
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